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Supportive research mentoring relationships are essential to the success of students. Thoughtful mentoring – in the individual and group settings — can encourage students to discover their own passions. As a mentor, I give students independence

to build projects they are excited about, tailoring the level and style of guidance to the needs of the student. I also strive to include students in all aspects of the scientific process as they learn. During my PhD, I individually mentored an undergraduate student (Cy David) for three semesters as he assisted with the development, set up, and execution of laboratory hydrology experiments, as well as post-processing of the resulting data. I also worked closely with an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University, Christine Leclerc. Cy and Christine were involved in writing and preparing figures for journal articles, and they both presented their work at AGU in December 2020.



In my classroom, I seek to challenge students to develop their skills in critical thinking and communication in an inclusive environment. My goal is for students to leave my class with a deeper understanding of how scientific problems are solved and more confidence in their ability to communicate and judge the quality of scientific information. I believe that creating a successful learning environment is built on four foundational pillars: establishing mutual respect between all members of the classroom, recognizing and facilitating various learning styles, encouraging collaborative learning, and providing effective mentoring.

Grad. Student Instructor, Intro. to Hydrology, UC Berkeley, Fall 2018

Mentored Peer Study Leader, Diff. Eq.s, Lafayette College, Fall 2015

Mentored Peer Study Leader, Intro. to Theoretical Math, Lafayette College, Fall 2015


Engaging with stakeholders, community members, and water users is an important part of developing an actionable research program and communicating results. I have volunteered extensively on two sustainable agriculture farms and visited rangeland sites to discuss land management practices with land owners.

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